Thrice Lavender Gimlet


This past week Chris and I attended a “Cocktail Class” sponsored by Zingerman’s.  The class took place at Cornman Farms near Dexter, MI, and was themed Farm-to-Glass.  Having no idea what to expect, the evening turned out to be very entertaining.  There were about 40 participants along with the chief mixologist, chef, and farmer.  Each of these folks added their own expertise and flair in explaining both the ingredients and history of the cocktails we made.  The table was filled with mixology materials, herbal ingredients, fruit and flower garnishes, ice, muddlers, etc.  It was quite an impressive spread.  We made three original cocktails, my favorite being the Thrice Lavender Gimlet, which you see here.  I have included the recipe for the cocktail, as well as the recipe for the lavender syrup.  All of the ingredients are local, too.  Enjoy!

1.5 oz Grayling Gin
.5 – .75 oz lavender syrup
.5 – .75 fresh squeezed lime juice
Lavender leaves for muddling
Lavender sprig or candied herbs or rose petals for garnish

Lightly bruise lavender leaves in bottom of shaker with muddler.  Add gin, lavender syrup, and lime juice.  Add ice and shake well for 20 seconds.  Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with sprig of lavender or candied herb leaves.  (You can substitute any fresh herb here for muddling, or for infusing in syrup.)

To make lavender syrup:

Combine equal parts boiling water and sugar (I usually start with 1 cup of each), and stir until sugar is dissolved.  Allow to cool until just warm.  Add lavender leaves or sprigs and let steep for at least 5 minutes, or longer for stronger flavor.  Strain out lavender and bottle.  Keep in the refrigerator, the syrup should last about two weeks.  (This can be done with any of your favorite herbs.)

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