the Godfather


Thanksgiving with the Kochmanski family is coming to require a knowledge of bourbon, scotch, and craft beer, along with the traditional meal, of course.  To keep everyone happy, I found a recipe for a wonderful scotch cocktail called the Godfather.  I was prepared to share this with the gang, however, requests were made for Rob Roys, Manhattans, and straight bourbon.  Next time…  Here is the recipe for you:

2 oz. Glenlivet scotch
.75 oz. Amaretto
dash of bitters
dark cherry as a garnish

In a cocktail shaker mix the scotch, amaretto, and bitters.  Add ice and stir.  Pour into a highball glass filled with ice.  Garnish with a dark cherry and enjoy!  (This one is a fun one to use large round ice cubes, if you have the cube makers.)